How to sell your handmade and homemade products online

How to sell your handmade and homemade products online - Kreate

We all have that dream of creating something special and showing it off to the world. Be it your skill, talent or your passion, the appreciation one gets from showcasing their abilities to the world. For a poet, it's their poems that speak to the world and for an artist, an exhibition of their work is a boost of self-esteem and pride. But for someone who creates products and crafts with their own two hands, it is the appreciation of their product and use of it that gives them a sense of accomplishment. 

As people move away from consumerism and fast fashion, the need for an online presence of handicrafts and handmade products is at its highest. As a nation known for its buying and selling of locally produced products, it is time for craftspersons and artisans to bring their goods online to market them to a larger audience. As corporations have taken over the shopping scene away from retail and wholesale markets to the digital atmosphere, Indian arts and crafts have ebbed and flowed with time and shifted their marketing to this online sphere. With this blog, we would like to give you a clear-cut plan to create a product that is viable in the online space. These steps can help you establish yourself in the market and reach out to a large buyer market for your products.

  • Bring uniqueness to your product
  • While each handicraft is different due to the origin and style of creation, the insane magnitude of the handicraft market in India creates a competitive field for newcomers to enter the market. Similar products can often get lost in the pile of their availability in the market, so it is imperative to create a unique and special feel for your product. By making it something different from the usual, you give it an edge over others. A niche market is brought forth for your product and hence can be sought after for its uniqueness. This also gives you quality clients and thus makes you a sought-after creator.

  • Provide a competitive pricing model
  • One of the biggest problems facing the million-dollar industry, the handicraft industry, is the cost of the product. With increasing prices of raw materials and the higher cost of production, buyers often complain about the inflated price of the product compared to that of normal cheaper alternatives. A way around this is to find a sustainable and eco-friendly process to create cheaper but better products. Sustainable and eco-friendly raw materials are often cheaper and can be repurposed without wasting products due to mishaps during the manufacturing process. Also, find competitive prices by cutting unnecessary costs and comparing it with other similar products to price them to be affordable to your customers.

  • Cataloging of your products with pictures and descriptions
  • One of the major selling points, when it comes to displaying products online, is the look of the product. When buying products in person, the buyer can look into the style of the product but the lack of physical presence is a major factor in the online market. A beautiful display picture, showing all parts and sides of the product is a necessity of online marketing. Along with these wonderfully catalogued pictures, a grammatically right description of the product is necessary, explaining the product and describing its use of it is a must. This helps the buyer understand the product better, connect to it and be enticed to purchase it.

  • Packaging of products
  • Whenever there is an order for your product, a major part of the processing of the product is the packaging of the product. The delicate nature of your products can often be in danger due to damages that occurred during the shipping of the products. A safe and secure packaging of the product is necessary for the retention of customers. If the product is delivered without delay or damage, the buyer feels more inclined to buy it again due to the satisfaction they have received from the first order. Through the process of shipping and packaging, you can create an experience with the product for the consumer that they crave every time they go shopping online.

  • Where to sell your products
  • There are several methods one can sell their products online. The age-old tradition of creating their own websites to sell their products is commonly used to sell handicrafts and handmade products online. With the recent rise in social media platforms, artisans and craftspersons have taken to platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to sell their products. While these are great ways to market and sell products, these methods often lack marketing effectiveness and may become defunct due to less response. Online marketplaces are the best way for a new creator to access the digital space. Several marketplaces offer services to sellers and buyers to find the best in town. Kreate is one of the best platforms out there for marketing your handmade and homemade products to a pan-India market. With our state-of-the-art shipment process technology and onboarding process, you can market your creations and sell them at the best prices towards a targeted audience. Along with promotional events and several marketing plans to provide you with the best reach in the market, Kreate is one of the places you need to sell your products online.

  • Marketing of your products
  • In order to reach a large audience, a necessity of the hour is marketing your products online. Apart from ads that can be pushed by paying ad agencies for online payments, several other methods exist to promote your products. By creating an attractive catalogue, you can achieve high reach and connect with buyers online. Social Media Marketing, using influencers, promotional activity and constant posting on your social platforms can boost the reach and appeal of your products. Another great way to achieve an increased reach for your products is through SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the using of keywords and metadata to optimize your website or site for an increased connectivity to your product and site. Along with these online methods, there are several ways of offline marketing that can help you achieve your goal of online visibility.

    Selling your products online is a great way to bring your passion and skill to the modern age and create an entrepreneurial journey for yourself. Through these steps mentioned, you can make amazing and accessible products that have a purpose in everyday life, and can sell them online. With the right make, processing and marketplace, such as Kreate, you can achieve success that can help your products be the talk of the town. Your skills, your hobby and your tradition can be your way of achieving great success, by tapping into this online stratosphere for your products and services. With Kreate, your journey can be an eventful one, that pushes you into the forefront of the Indian handicraft market.

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