7 Essentials for a Kreative Summer

7 Essentials for a Kreative Summer

As the fans begin gathering dust and the windows open up all day long, summer dawns upon us at last! The season of overwhelming sweat, mangoes all over the house and the nostalgic memories of not having to go to school, is that time of the year that most of us look forward to and await with earnest enthusiasm. The season might start with the genuine happiness of having summer all around us, but the problem with the season starts one after the other. The constant sweat, heat rashes, dehydration and lack of airiness start to get to you sooner or later.

So here’s how you can solve all your summer problems! Kreate has handpicked a collection of the best solutions for your summer issues! These amazing products aren’t just the best solutions for your summer queries but are also organic, sustainable and healthy alternatives to general summer products. With Kreate, you don’t just contribute to making the world a greener place, but also a cleaner place with summers that make you feel warm and beautiful, inside and out.

Being out in the sun can be a tasking thing over your summer holidays! A sure shot way to keep your skin safe from pollution and the summer sting is a healthy and nourishing sunscreen. Stay safe from the Indian sun and keep your skin protected with some amazing matte sunscreen! SPF 30 to keep those harsh rays away, and make your summer skin glow clearly on those beach days. A bright and beautiful look for that brilliant outdoors!

Puttering around in the sun while carrying all the goodies of the season can be a tasking process. The numerous products to keep you hydrated and protected can now stay safe and by your side with a splendid and stylish BoHo sling bag. Casual for your looks while making your days easier, a sleek-looking bag is a must while travelling this summer season. What better than a gorgeous handmade bag to put your things in and keep safe at all times. Match this gorgeous bag with your favourite flowy summer dress for a truly special look.

Even while at home, safe under the shelter of your home, hydrating oneself is an essential part of summer life. With the extreme heat and hot air blowing into your home, drinking a lot of fluids keeps your body in equilibrium and protects you from heat strokes and such. A tasty way to indulge your taste buds is this amazing lemon and ginger syrup for your beverages. Add a bit of the syrup to cold water with some sugar for a delicious yet nutritious healthy drink all day! With its Ayurvedic benefits, the taste of your home will get better with each sip.

With summer holidays around the corner and summer vacation on the calendar, it's time to take your shopping bags out and head out for a new wardrobe. While the heat beats down on you, a beautiful summer dress is just a click away. With beautiful flowy patterns and an airy texture, this summer tunic dress is perfect for your days out under the sun or a day in with your loved ones. Pair it up with stylish sandals and a classy bag and start your season with a sense of unique style and class.

Taking a shower after a long day during the summer can be a refreshing event. As the cold calming water cascades down your body, the heat cannot be the only one it cleanses. The grime and dirt of the whole day can wreak havoc on your skin and destroy it from the inside. The best way to fight this long battle against nature is a nourishing aloe vera soap for your summer rituals. With its moisturizing and healing capabilities, the aloe keeps your skin and body clean and smooth all season. While removing the dirt from your skin, it also heals and cleans it to make your skin glow throughout the summer season.

While sunscreen protects your skin from the harsh heat and rays of the sun, your skin needs further layers of protection to keep it safe from the dirt and dryness of the weather. This nourishing handmade aloe vera gel carries all the goodness of the miracle plant and keeps your skin hydrated and healthy all season long! Cleanse yourself and apply a layer of this gel after your wash to protect your skin from the dirt and dryness of this summer heat. Fight this battle of health against the odds and win with a handmade alternative to all your cosmetics.

What’s a summer drink that reminds you of your summer childhood? Aam Panna and mango juice may be a staple but the sweet flavours of passion fruit are something we all miss. Make your summer special this time around with this organic and delicious passion fruit concentrate! Add some sugar and some water to this nutritious concentrate and make your hydrating process a lot more fun and delicious. Passionate about fruity summer drinks, beat the heat with this lip-smacking summer special for a truly memorable summer experience.

Well, that’s all from us! Summer may be here, and with it, the heat, the sweat and the humid beauty of the season. While you sip the delicious nectar out of mango, dip your feet in cool beaches and tuck yourself away in a hilly getaway, Kreate is here to make that escape a memorable and nourishing one. Away with unhealthy ingredients and the problems they bring along with them. This summer is going to be a sustainable and clean one, for you, your family and your friends, with the summer enthusiasts here at Kreate.

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