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Kreating Stories - The Future is Handmade - Kreate

A journey through the history of our organization takes you past tales of self-reliance, determination, grit and hard work. Be it the individuals working to create a space in this maze of the digital age or the ones working from their humble homes. This journey of these individuals is the storied tale of Kreate. Our journey began on a steamy and hot day, as our founder Vittal Ramakrishna was on a road trip through the heartland of Karnataka. On this solo trip, he observed the plethora of talent and skill among the various people groups he encountered. He also observed the lack of marketing of these products and skills, and thought to find a solution for that. The need of the hour was to create a space for skillful artisans and home-based workers to market their products and sell homemade products online. Thus began Kreate.

A seller, engaged in his art, crafting the perfect handmade toy for their customers.

Starting from a small but determined team to create an e-commerce platform for these artists, Kreate began its pitch by finding these artists and creators from the rural lands of India and convincing them of the need of the hour. Kreate began as a website for sellers to pitch their products to buyers, advertising the relevance of the art and its application in their daily life. While we could never tap the depths of the Indian master craftsmanship, we soon began reaching out to artists across the land and put our best foot forward in bringing the world of artisans closer, with each click of a button. Organizations and groups that work tirelessly, to bring closer a socially-conscious cause of empowerment with underrepresented people groups, are a proud part of this drive. Kalamkari art and organically and sustainably sourced honey found themselves under a single roof catering to the vast market that sought our products. The Indian connection with craftsmanship can be traced to its ancient heritage, from the earliest proof of civilisation being associated with the fragments of pottery and handmade toys scattered across the excavation sites. These fragments detail a story of a rich heritage that showcase the advanced techniques and skills of our ancestors. These skills and life lessons passed down through the generations and have evolved into the modern-day traditions of millions across the land. 

The team behind Kreate, working tirelessly to make our sellers and buyers happy with our range of various products.

The future is handmade - a phrase heard in recent trends as the growing youth populace shifts its buying patterns towards the authenticity and uniqueness of the product. A future envisioned aside from the growth of industrialisation, moves towards the individuality of the maker, and the stories that each product has to tell. With the commercialisation of major industries and the rise of fast fashion, the years have been rough for those artists and artisans who see these crafts as their means of livelihood. Kreate gives these handmade, handicraft industries a means to access an online market for handmade and artisanal products. Bringing the world closer with each click, Kreate finds you these special and specific products that irk the curiosity of buyers. Made from ethically sourced raw materials, these products are of a quality superior to factory-produced mass products. Generating a need for these products, that which already exists in a conscious general populace makes for the overwhelming urgency for these products.

A seller crafting their product to be processed, with precision and skill that is unmatched, showing its beauty to the buyer.

Kreate is a platform in this growing economy where one can Buy Handmade Products Online and can even Sell Handmade Products Online, to a national market. The products range in several categories, such as organic, vegan, eco-friendly, sustainable, and several more. These benchmarks of being an ecologically conscious platform are a core concept ingrained in every individual in the organization. These products are thoroughly vetted by the team, in order to ensure their quality and relevance to the user. After the process, products are put online to be viewed and bought by everyone. When ordered, the team processes the order and the shipment is delivered at the earliest! With the journey being one of excitement, filled with love, passion and true determination, Kreate’s path is paved towards being the one-stop solution for all your handmade needs.

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