Kosmic Rituals by Sanjana

Holistic handcrafted healing crystals for the benefit of humanity! Named after the energy of the cosmos, Sanjana's goal is the overall fulfilment of humanity's growth. A place for individual growth and betterment with artisanal crystal-infused products for a genuine connection to the Kosmic culture!

My & Ma Naturals by Mythili

An ancient art, reborn to bring you closer to nature, is the inspiration behind the birth of My & Ma Naturals. Mythili's personal discovery of the richness of natural ingredients brought forth a plethora of artisanal and handmade beauty products. A #Kreator by heart, this artist creates a budget-friendly solution to skin and hair issues with a passion to provide for the world.

APN Masalas by Pramod

A staple to the Indian culinary experience, spices are what make Indian cuisine special! An engineer by profession, Pramod's journey from his home kitchen to bring India the flavours of our fields is one of taste and lip-smacking spices. With a range of delicious and beautiful products, APN Masalas are here to stay!

Organic Monkey by Abhijith S

An energy-rich food source that doesn't spoil, honey is an ancient food that we all love and adore. Sourced from Mother Nature's rich sources, Organic Monkey provides you with 59 varieties of tasty and healthy honey! Abhijith connects to the world and the creator with his journey to bridge the gap between this and the other world with his organic products.

Endee's Sauce by Seema Hari

The journey of one person paves the way for a billion more. Pouring love and affection into every bottle, join us in Seema's story of turning a passion into an entrepreneurial symphony


With the knowledge of generations scaffolding Bhavna's spirit, Soloboat is the brainchild of a need to express her hobby on a global scale.

Rasa Ayurveda by Sheetal Agarwal

Storied past and a need to connect the world to its humble beginnings, Sheetal strays the path of Ayurveda with her initiative to be the bearer of health, wellness and a spirit of sustainable medicine