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India’s Only ‘Preselling’ Platform

No stock, No logistics, No worry! Create when you receive the order.



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Why Kreate

It is an e-commerce marketplace designed for creators


Registration fee


Store creation


Fast payouts

How to sell on Kreate

Create your store in three easy steps

Fill the Seller Form

Create your store by filling up store information in the seller form.


Start Selling

Once your store is approved, your store will be live on Kreate.


Get Reviewed

Our team will review your form against the policy and will notify you within 24 hours.


Seller Dashboard

An easy-to-use tool created for our creators to manage the store. Keep tabs on orders, shipment and much more at one place.

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Success stories from other Creators


The best thing about Kreate is, unlike other e-commerce platforms, there are no registration fees or any other hidden charges to create the store. I filled the 'Seller Form' on mobile in 2 minutes, and my store was approved within 24 hours.


Before Kreate, I struggled to find the right market for my cane decor outside my village. I’ve tried different social media channels and e-commerce apps, but nothing clicked for me. After creating the store on Kreate, I was able to expand my market and sell my cane products throughout India.


I got the order within the first couple of days of creating my store on Kreate. As per the promise, they took care of the logistics in a professional manner and the money was credited to my account as soon as the pickup happened. Very good experience, would highly recommend it to fellow creators.

We got featured

Kreate is a platform for consumers who wish to buy handmade products crafted by local artists. Kreate is also a marketplace for creators of handmade products who wish to sell these products from the comfort of their homes.

The uniqueness of Kreate is that products made by skilled artisans are available at fingertips in a cheaper and easier manner

No documents are required for the registration of vendors/sellers on Kreate. Similarly, GST is not required as well. Only for sellers listing food, beverages or edibles, we ask for a valid FSSAI License.

Any individual artist/creator residing in India – and looking to sell handmade products is welcome to set up his/her online store on Kreate.

You can visit our website to register yourself as a seller. Once the product details are uploaded, our team will review them and set up an online store for you

Screening and approval of stores take 1-2 working days. However, not all product pictures clear our screening round. We request sellers to click clear and appealing product images to maximize the chances of approval and listing on Kreate.

Once your products are approved by our team, you will receive a confirmation mail that your store has been set up. You can download the Kreate app and check your products listed there

If the order you receive has personalization, we will connect with you to provide the personalization options opted by the customer. According to the inputs provided by customer, you can start making the product

Currently, we handle end-to-end logistics for the orders placed on our platform. Once the seller is ready with the product, we initiate the pickup from the seller’s place and delivers it to the customer’s destination.

We started the platform “CrowdPouch” in the year 2019, and now, we have rebranded CrowdPouch to Kreate considering the growth we had over a few years. We have successfully onboarded 6000+ sellers and 18000+ products on our platform.

The payments are done directly to your bank account. Once your product is shipped, we will process the amount to your bank account.

We root for secure payments just as you do. We use Razorpay payment gateway for all our payments and ensure end-to-end security.

You can write to us at or Whatsapp us on +91-7899558311

India’s Only ‘Preselling’ Platform

No stock, No logistics, No worry! Create when you receive the order.

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