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Tulsi Green Tea (125g)

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One of the strongest & most holy elixirs known to Ayurveda and due to its strong healing and medicinal properties, Tulsi (Holy Basil)- a superfood- has been a key to wellbeing for centuries. And what better than blending it with Green Tea! Tulsi leaves contain vitamin C and antioxidants such as Eugenol which protect the heart and monitor blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It's as well known to heal respiratory issues like asthma, flu, bronchitis, colds, sinusitis, etc. Through years of study, our in-house researchers have certified this green tea as a superfood to get your body feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Holy basil is full of antioxidants and nutrients that will keep you glowing and tonic. This herbal blend is a detoxifying beverage you should not keep yourself away from for long. If you are looking for a brew that detoxifies all the impurities in your body then you have arrived on the right page. This tea is for you! Choose a cup of our tulsi green tea before your first meal of the day for optimum benefits and watch yourself make way to a healthy life naturally. Why Nature’s Park? "Everything we need for healthy living is available from nature. At Nature's Park, we believe in keeping the ingredients raw and products preservative-free to ensure optimum benefit. We want to ensure you have a holistic experience shopping for your health and wellness. Our motive is to always strive to offer you the best in the form of our products. Each teensy savor in this product has been picked up from Mother Nature keeping in mind maximum sustainable yield. We have gone to the extremes to make your affair with our products an absolute indulgence! “We are all for creating Nature's Park in your life!” Health Benefits - Reduces stress levels. - Abundant in antioxidants. - Improves digestion and metabolism; hence, lowering the risk of obesity. - Helps you fight illness, cold, and cough. - Anti-ageing beverage. - Boosts the immune system. - Increases energy levels. - Lowers the risk of cancer. - Improves the way the brain functions. - Reduces blood sugar level by improving insulin sensitivity. - Decreases risk factors related to heart diseases. - Lowers the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. - Monitors bad and good cholesterol. Additional Tips - Lemon, honey, or peppermint can be added to enhance the flavor of tulsi green tea. - For better results, drink it 30 mins after waking up ends overnight fast, charges up metabolism, and prevents nausea. - Ginger or tender coconut can be added to tulsi green tea for additional flavors. - Consult your physician before including tulsi green tea in your diet. - This can be served as an iced beverage in the evenings. - Consume any time of the day, if you wish to. - Temperature: 90 - 100 degrees Celsius. Net Weight : 125g FSSAI Certified

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