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Sprouted Ragi Flour (500g)

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Ragi is a healthy grain and nutritious food for babies. It's known as finger millet in English, ragi in Kannada, Mandinka in Hindi, Panji pullu in Malayalam, Ragulu in Telugu, and kelvaragu or Keppai in Tamil. Ragi is a gluten-free grain that is associated with several health benefits. Sprouting it and making flour increases the health benefits many folds. The process of germination breaks down some of the starch, making it more nutrient-rich. It also reduces phytates (anti-nutrients), helping in the absorption of nutrients. Ragi can be given to babies from 6 months after introducing a few vegetable purees or fruit purees and rice. When you introduce Ragi to your baby, you can make ragi porridge with extracted milk from whole ragi millet or plain ragi porridge with homemade ragi flour. Make sure to cook the ragi thoroughly for at least 10 minutes; otherwise, it may result in loose motion in babies.

- Start with this 1 tbsp of ragi porridge and check whether the baby shows an allergic reaction. 

- Check it for three days, and if the baby is not allergic to it, you can increase the amount gradually. 

- Once the baby is doing good with it, you can combine it with other foods and introduce other ragi recipes.

Health Benefits of Ragi for Babies :

- Ragi is loaded with calcium hence strengthening the bones, teeth of growing babies, and kids. Best non-dairy source of calcium for kids with milk allergies.

- Rich in dietary fibre which helps in preventing constipation in children and ensures easier digestion.

- Contains good fats, so it helps in healthy weight gain in babies and toddlers. Ragi is an energy food that keeps babies and kids active throughout the day. It's naturally gluten-free and less allergenic, therefore suitable for babies and kids with a gluten allergy.

- Ragi contains the right amount of iron, which prevents and cures anaemia in children.

- Contains the right amount of proteins, amino acids & minerals, which is particularly beneficial for vegetarian kids.

- Rich in antioxidants prevents and helps to fight against infections.

- Ragi is believed to reduce body heat, so it's ideal for babies during summer.

On a general note, it is always best to consult a physician before adding anything new to your diet or lifestyle.

Net Weight : 500g

FSSAI Certified

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