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Raw Cane Sugar (500g)

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Product Description:

Nattusakkarai, raw cane sugar, or jaggery powder is unrefined jaggery powder made from organically grown sugarcane. You can use it instead of white sugar in your tea, coffee, milk, chocolate drink, kheer, desserts, cakes, biscuits, and for any kind of sweetening. It is healthier, natural, and has a lovely caramel flavour. Many of our customers who started using raw cane sugar, don’t want to go back to normal sugar or any other kind of sugar.

Bio Basics Raw Cane Sugar or Jaggery Powder comes from two farms. One farm is near Sathyamangalam and the other is near Pondicherry. Both farms have third-party organic certifications. These farmers grow their own sugarcane and process only the sugar cane that is grown on their farm. They neither take their sugar cane outside for processing nor process anybody else’s sugarcane. This exclusiveness ensures consistency from batch to batch.

Fresh sugarcane is harvested every 2-3 months. It is crushed to extract sugar cane juice. The juice is boiled in large vats over a wood fire or bagasse fire. As part of the boiling process, the juice is purified, filtered, and processed further until it reduces to powdery. The entire process requires hard work, patience, and skill. The process is very fascinating to watch (video available on our Facebook page) and the end result is worth all the hard work - golden brown jaggery, free of chemicals from organically-grown sugarcane. Interestingly, our raw cane sugar can be used with milk unlike many other commercial varieties of raw cane sugar.

Health Benefits :

- Rich in nutrients & essential minerals

- Good source of iron

Storage instructions :

- Remove plastic packaging and store it in a ceramic or steel container.

- Raw cane sugar does not go bad nor does it get infested.

- If you do not put a wet spoon in the sugar, it maintains its powdery consistency and can be comfortably used for an extended period.

Net Weight : 500g

FSSAI Certified

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