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Premium Cardamom Tea (250g)

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Indulge in the health benefits of tea from the hills of Nilgiris with our premium Cardamom flavoured tea. Why Cardamom Tea? - Cardamom tea may help accelerate weight loss by streamlining the body's digestive processes. - Cardamom works to prevent the build-up of fat while helping the liver process waste products more quickly. - Researchers found that cardamom consumption increased insulin sensitivity and decreased bad LDL cholesterol. What are the health benefits of cardamom Tea? It may lower blood pressure, improve breathing and aid weight loss. What's more, animal and test-tube studies show that cardamom may help fight tumors, improve anxiety, fight bacteria and protect your liver, though the evidence in these cases is less strong. Can I drink cardamom tea at night? Having cardamom with warm water at night helps to increase the metabolic process. Cardamom also consists of essential components such as melatonin that is pretty useful in increasing the metabolic rate. As the metabolic rate goes up, the body starts to churn fats faster and release more energy. Can you drink cardamom tea everyday? Protects Heart Health This means that drinking cardamom tea regularly may help lower high blood pressure. Can cardamom tea help you lose weight? According to the book, Healing Foods by DK Publishing, "An effective digestive stimulant and diuretic, cardamom boosts metabolism and helps the body burn fat more effectively." Managing conditions like indigestion, constipation, and water retention, elaichi makes for an important weight loss spice. Net Weight : 250g FSSAI Certified

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