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Panchgavya Nasya Drops (Nasal Drops)

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Product Description:

This Panchgavya Nasya Drops to clear up congested nasal obstructions and get relief from cough and cold. These 102 benefits of putting just 2 drops of Panchagavya Nasya in the nose at night while sleeping. This ayurghee is good for any diseases of the brain, eyes, and nose. Like allergy to dust or sinus migrant or effective in more than 102 elements.

Additionally, this is upgraded with BRAHMI & SHANKHPUSHPI which improves memory and cures brain-dead cells.

Additional Information:

Uses Of Ghee In Ayurvedic Medicine :

Use Of Ghee In Ayurvedic Medicine Ghee, which is known as ‘ghrita’ in Ayurveda, is described as ‘the best’ among lipid media due to its quality of inheriting and enhancing the drug potency. It is given foremost importance for internal usage in diet or as an adjuvant medicine. It is extensively used in Ayurvedic practice, especially in degenerative, chronic, and deep-seated diseases. Ghee is used as medicine by itself or as media for the extraction, absorption, and assimilation of any medicine. It is used as medicine when qualities of lipids and fats are required for treatment. It is used as a solvent or base for the extraction of herbomineral active principles. It is used as media for the absorption of lipid-soluble vitamins or other active principles in food or medicine. It is also used as a carrier media in certain medicines to facilitate the transport of active principles across the cell membrane, which is permeable only to lipid molecules, e.g., the blood-brain barrier where transport of ‘medhya’ (which promote intellect and memory) medicines is possible if the drug is processed in lipid media.

Ghee is used in different doses for different purposes at different times in Ayurvedic treatment. It is given in larger doses on empty stomach without food for the purpose of cleansing the body by panchakarma procedures. Whereas, if it is to increase the bulk of the body, then it is given in small quantities mixed with food. Similarly, if it is used as medicine to alleviate some disease process, then it is given in moderate doses on an empty stomach.

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