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Pachun Shruti - Digestive Herb (100g)

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The contemporary lifestyle and urban food habits are really taking a toll on people's health. Dependency on junk food and indisciplined meal timings have adversely affected our digestive system causing constipation, abdominal pain, gastritis, weight gain, cramps, etc. Are you one of the victims of such issues? Then this is for you. Your search for an everyday infusion ends here! Pachan Shruti improves the digestive system's functionality and overall appetite. It is made of the super-concentrated formula using ingredients like senna, fennel, bishop's weed, mint, ginger, fenugreek, rose petals, green tea and cumin seeds that improve the digestive system. Remember, all the major diseases arise out of indigestion. And so we have curated this nutrient-rich infusion to eradicate the stress on the digestive system. The purpose is to detoxify the body, purify the blood and enhance the immune system. Why Nature’s Park? "Everything we need for a healthy living is available from nature. At Nature's Park, we believe in keeping the ingredients raw and products preservative-free to ensure optimum benefit. We want to ensure you have a holistic experience shopping for your health and wellness. Our motive is to always strive to offer you the best in the form of our products. Each teensy savour in this product has been picked up from Mother Nature keeping in mind maximum sustainable yield. We have gone to the extremes to make your affair with our products an absolute indulgence! “We are all for creating Nature's Park in your life!” Health Benefits - Ideal for digestion-related issues. - Helps fight constipation, cramps and gastritis. - Boosts up immunity. - Packed with powerful antioxidants. - Purifies blood. - Assists in weight loss management. - Detoxifies the body and enhances metabolism. - Ideal for morning sickness and nauseatic feeling. - May lower cholesterol. - Treats diarrhoea. - Source of vitamin C. - Helps prevent dark circles. - Good for menstrual pain. - Regulates blood pressure. - Controls asthma symptoms. - Instant relief from acidity. Additional Tips - 2 grams of Pachan Shruti each day, as a precautionary measure or for a cure, in any of the following ways is known to keep your digestive system healthy and on-the-go. - Brew it up like a tea or even with tea. - You can as well blend this with soup while cooking it or drinking it. - Top your meals and snacks with Pachan Shruti to add that pinch of nutrition. - Store in an airtight container to retain its essence. - Consult your physician for use during pregnancy. - This product should be protected from air and water contamination. - Completely free from preservatives. Net Weight : 100g FSSAI Certified

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