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Nisarg Organic Farm Indigo Leaf Powder

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Product Description:

- What is Natural Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria)?

Indigo is the tallest tree in the legume family that has been grown around the world for centuries. The dried leaf powder of this shrub is used as a natural indigo dye to make clothes blue and hair black (with henna).

- Can I use Indigo powder alone to darken my hair?

No, Indigo will not stick to the hair to give colour. Indigo will need a henna dye base to stick to the hair and give it a brownish table black tone.

- Which method does Nisarg Organic Farm make powder?

Nisarg Organic Farm Organic method of growing medicine and drying it in a solar dryer is traditionally prepared. So the powder is made by the traditional method. This process is used to give the best medicine to the customer.

- Is this powder fermented indigo?

No, our powdered indigo plant dried leaves are made for PC. It is not fermented and therefore does not turn indigo blue immediately after mixing.

- What should I keep in mind while using henna powder?

- It is for external use only.

- Indigo needs liquid/water and oxygen to release colour.

- Indigo paste starts to lose colour immediately, so it is not advisable to keep the paste for a long time (as opposed to henna) before applying. Apply the paste to the hair within 30-40 minutes of preparing the paste.

- The longer the indigo stays on the hair, the deeper the shade of colour will be. To get a darker black shade, keep indigo for at least 3 hours before washing with water.

- Do not use shampoo for 72 hours after applying henna.

- It can cause eye irritation. If direct contact occurs, immediately rinse the eyes with plenty of cold water.

- Use an airtight container to store the powder, and avoid moisture contamination

- Like any natural product, always test for allergies before using it for the first time. (Instructions can be found on the back of the package)

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