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Beautisoul Rose Bath Salt and Foot Soak (100g)

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Product Description:

After a long and tiring day, the least you can do to soothe your nerves is to relax with something enriching and comforting! Bath salts are the perfect way to treat both your body and your mind! Hop in the tub with Beautisoul Rose Bath Salt or use it as feet soak for a blissed-out mind and super soft skin. A combo of Epsom salt and marine salt relaxes muscles, while Rose oil calms the nervous system to help you chill out, no matter how much your mind may be racing. Drizzle a few spoons of this bath salt into your warm water to experience/reap all the benefits/ultimate unwind Formulated with the best quality skin-friendly Epsom salt, marine salt, and soda bicarbonate along with Rose oil, Beautisoul Rose Bath Salt helps relieve body pain, relax sore muscles and eliminate toxins from the skin. While Epsom salt AKA magnesium sulfate helps relax sore muscles and relieve pain, soaking your feet in marine salt is a brilliant way to soothe and relieve a stressful day. Soda Bicarbonate helps draw out the impurities from your body, exfoliate your skin and helps get rid of smelly feet! Rose oil helps calm and quiet your mind, which makes you feel totally relaxed and stress-free. This Bath soak is suitable for all skin types and all ages as it is free from toxins, Harmful Chemicals, parabens and other preservatives. This bath salt is also suitable for pregnant women with swollen feet. Gift yourself or your loved ones this natural detox formula to help relax! Soak yourself in this therapeutic bath with our soothing Rose bath crystal and step out relaxed and rejuvenated!

Net Weight : 100g

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