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Auric Skin Radiance Drink (Pack of 24 Bottles)

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Product Description:

NATURAL & CLEAN PRODUCT: No chemicals, preservatives. Made with 100% natural process and herbs. Auric Skin Radiance is completely plant-based, with no additives, synthetic colours, artificial flavours & safe to use. Instead of using raw herbs, we use raw Ayurvedic herbal extracts approved by the USA and certified SAFE for optimal health benefits


 GLOWING SKIN: Auric Skin Radiance has super herbs from Ayurveda to promote clean & clear skin for both Men & Women. The herbs detox, restore & nourish skin right from within the 7 layers. The herbs in the product are believed to help in reducing acne and promoting skin repair/elasticity


 INGREDIENTS: Unique 4-in-1 formula from Ayurveda. Contains aloe vera that improves skin elasticity and collagen making it soft and supple. Contains turmeric which purifies the blood with its effective anti-viral and anti-fungal action. Contains amla to initiate the process of detox of skin from within with its anti-microbial benefits. Finally, Gotu kola manages wrinkles, pore size and age spots for it is an anti-ageing herb from Ayurveda


 DERMATOLOGICAL BLEND: Formulated for radiant, firm & nourished skin. Recommended by celebrities, nutritionists & over 100,000 customers. Super taste of rose & berries for skin nutrition. Made in US FDA approved good manufacturing facility


CONSUMPTION: Ayurveda requires time and patience like all good things. Auric suggests regular consumption of the juice for 48 to 72 bottles to feel the difference. For best results, consume twice daily for maximum benefits. You can drink any time of the day. Just shake & drink directly from the bottle. If you like your drinks chilled then refrigerate before

Set Content : 24 

Net Volume : 250ml each

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