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Assorted Snack Box (Pack of 6)

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Product Description:

A box full of six healthy and delicious snacks that are Vegan & Gluten-Free.

- 100% Natural & Handmade

- No added sugar

- No artificial flavours or preservatives

Inside the Box:

1) The Better Laddoo - Vanilla & Cacao

Dense flavours of natural cacao, paired with a crunch from the nuts. Mild hints of vanilla to leave a pleasant aftertaste. Ridiculously delicious healthy laddoos without any added sugar.

2) The Better Trail Mix

A delicious combination of premium nuts and seeds. Roasted & seasoned with our secret spice mix. Good health and taste in every bite.

3) Premium Nut Mix

Premium nuts sourced from all over the word come together in this lip-smacking mix. Roasted and lightly spiced using zesty Indian spices.

4) The Better Munch

A lip-smacking combination of Premium Californian Almonds, Turkish Dried Dates & fresh coconuts. Hand-chopped & roasted using traditional Indian methods.

5) The Better Seed Mix - Spiced Jaggery

A delightful combination of Pumpkin, Sunflower, Sesame, Melon and Watermelon seeds. Roasted and flavoured with organic jaggery, ginger, cracked-pepper & Ajwain.

 6) The Better Laddoos - Orange & Cacao

Rich intense cacao pairs seamlessly with the freshness of oranges. Followed by warm notes of caramel and the nuttiness of roasted almonds.

The box contains a total of six snacks packs of 100 grams each.

Total= 600 gms

100gm each of The Better Munch, The Better Trail Mix, Premium Nut Mix, The Better Seed Mix - Spiced Jaggery, The Better Laddoos - Orange & Cacao, The Better Laddoo - Vanilla & Cacao.

Shelf Life - 180 days

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