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Velan Pure Gingelly Oil (1 L)

by Velan Oils

₹450₹500(10% off)

Product Details

Velan Pure Wood Pressed Gingelly oil, Naalennai, Til oil:
Velan unrefined gingelly oil retains the natural goodness of sesame seeds and is processed by the natural cold-press method without any preservatives or artificial colouring.

Velan gingelly oil can use for traditional medicinal purposes since it has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Rich in omega-6 fatty acids, hence it is good for the heart. Antioxidants (sesamol and sesaminol).

- 100% not refined, no heating, no bleaching.
- 100% natural organic wood pressed gingelly oil without any preservatives.

Net Capacity : 1 L
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