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Hari Elaichi Green Cardamom Whole | Premium Big 8mm Bold From farm in Kerala (100 g)

by VedSam


Product Details

DIRECT FROM FARMS - VEDSAM presents to you farm - to - family range of fresh , aromatic , and high grade green cardamom / hari elaichi filled with the goodness of nature and straight from farm in idukki in kerala which is renowned for world's best green cardamom / hari elaichi and most of it gets exported due to its high quality

PREMIUM EXPORT QUALITY - Every pack of our premium export quality green cardamom / hari elaichi is filled with large big size 8mm jumbo pods that are bold green in colour and are farm fresh to make sure our customers get only the best

ECO FRIENDLY PACKING - Our green cardamom / hari elaichi is hygienically packed In Premium Zip Lock Stand Up Pouches , or Glass Jars , or Steel Cans , which helps to retain natural freshness , aroma , and nutrients in an eco-friendly manner for least impact on the environment

TRADITIONALLY STORED AND PACKED - We try our best to maintain consistency in quality with uniformity in colour and size, across the year. To ensure its purity and hygiene, our green cardamom / hari elaichi is cleaned, handpicked, and manually sorted in a traditional manner before packing to not just screen out extra twigs and tails but to ensure our cardamom pods are free of all kinds of impurities and contaminants

NATURAL AND RAW - To make sure we preserve the exquisite , natural aroma , and nutritional value of our green cardamom / hari elaichi , we keep it in its raw and original state at all times and pack it without the use of any artificial colours or preservatives or additives

Net Weight : 100g
FSSAI Certified
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