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Immunity Green Tea

by The Infused Kettle


Product Details

"With healthy intention in mind, this Ayurvedic blend pours in your cup the necessary dose of immunity. Let's ward off infections.

Know Your Tea
Ways to improve immunity have started to flood the headlines now more than ever. Advantaging the innate potency of tea, we bring you a blend that opens with a soft, fragrant palette of plant parts with a gratifying choice of spices. The most nutrient-dense ingredients have been brought here to curate this generous giver of immunity. Be it powering through a workout or taking regular sips for overall wellness, put the kettle on and relish a warm, all-in-one health drink.

How does it feel?

First Impression
Appears healthy green with a hint of happy yellow
Typically noted to have a strong clove-like aroma with a pleasant breath of woody sweet pine citrus
Tasting Notes
The blend speaks of an unbeatable, fresh, therapeutic flavour that is spiced well while yielding floral and peppery notes "

Net Weight : 50g
Shelf Life : 18 months
FSSAI Certified
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FSSAI Certified

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