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Terra Greens Organic Kismis (100g)

by Terra Greens Organic Private Limited


Product Details

Kismis, otherwise known as Raisin, are dried up grapes that are often served with several dry fruits and nuts. They are a quick and simple snack that can be eaten alone or added as a topping to any dish. Each Kismis is brimming with natural benefits thanks to it being organically sown and grown with zero chemical preservatives. Eat them with a sweet dish or raw, either way, the nutritional benefits will remain the same. AIDS IN DIGESTION | PREVENTS ANAEMIA LOWERS RISK OF HEART DISEASE

"100% organically grown 
 Zero pesticides, additives, fertilisers. 
 Premium Quality 
 Packaged in food grade plastic 
 Safe, healthy and nutritious."

Net Quantity : 100g
FSSAI Certified
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FSSAI Certified

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