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Wild Forest Raw Floral Honey (1kg)

by Svastya


Product Details

Flowers blooming on the tall treetops of the Western Ghats see their share of honey bees too. This bottle of honey loaded with an intense flavour will leave you spellbound with the taste of the magic that's nestled on those treetops. 100% Natural - From nature to you!

In her lifetime, a bee will only produce between 1/2th and 1/8th teaspoon of honey. Respect her work and enjoy every drop!

No Preservatives: In a world where even sugar syrups look like honey, we bring you raw and unadulterated honey with no added preservatives. So, you can relish it as it is!

- Helps with weight management
- Regular use aids anti-aging
- Great health tonic for everyone
- Helps maintain skin's moisture
- Helps improve immunity and prevents cell damage

Net Weight : 1kg
FSSAI Certified
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