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Shilajit Effervescent Tablets (20 tabs) - 500mg

by Svaa Life


Product Details

1. Increases energy & vitality- The key ingredient in this formulation, Shilajit, naturally boosts the body's mitochondrial function and helps improve energy levels. Along with Ashwagandha, which has powerful restorative properties, it helps to improve vitality.

2. Improve performance- Ashwagandha helps to improve muscle strength and post-workout recovery. It increases stamina and improves athletic performance. It helps fight symptoms of anxiety, and depression and also improves sleep quality.

3. Blended with Ayurvedic herbs - Gokshura is a natural testosterone booster, while Safed Musli is a rejuvenator and potent aphrodisiac. The saffron in this formulation is a powerful antioxidant and helps to improve mood. The synergistic effect of all these herbs helps boost vitality.

4. Rich in Fulvic Acid- Our shilajit is sourced directly from the Himalayas and is rich in fulvic acid that improves immunity.

Contents: 20 Tablets, 500mg each
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