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Effortlessly Youthful - Anti Aging Shots (840ml)

by Svaa Life

₹1099₹1680(35% off)

Product Details

1. The fine blend of health and taste: Filled with the goodness of sea buckthorn, ashwagandha, and noni, this anti-aging shot is rich in antioxidants, stimulates skin regeneration, and preserves skin elasticity and so much more. Basically, it makes you effortlessly youthful!

2. Our all-natural ingredients promote collagen formation while rejuvenating and hydrating the skin. They repair cell damage and protect your body against aging.

3. Ready-to-drink-shots: Each 40ml shot is ready for consumption - Anytime. Anywhere. To see the best results, consume it empty stomach or with an interval of 30mins before/after meals.

4. Modern Ayurveda: Svaa Life aims to bring forth the trusted ancient science of Ayurveda in a modern, hassle-free way by making it cool & easy to consume.

5. Effortlessly Healthy: The goodness of Ayurveda, not the hassle. We want you to live by our motto, and thus the shots can be consumed anytime. Anywhere. You can offer it to a friend or serve it to your guests as a conversation starter.

Net Volume:  840ml (21 Shots X 40ml each)
FSSAI Certified
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