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Wristwatch by Ted Baker London

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The Dream Peacock



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This peacock is like a bird seen in a dream. Here the head of the peacock is realistic and the rest of the body appears surrealistic but the loose feathers are done with minute detailing for giving a natural look. The splash of different shades of blue color creates a surrealism in this composition.
This design is painted on a white pure satin silk with silk paint. Much care is taken while painting the eye of the peacock so that it seems as if the bird is stareing at you from any angle.This painting has no texture because of the watery substance of the silk paint. The rich azure adds a touch of royality to the composition. The peacock design falls on the pallu and the loose feathers are scattered all over the body that creates a visual treat for the beholders and the soft silk will give you a comfortable drape in any time of the year.
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