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Organic Monkey Nutmeg Flower Honey (250g)

by Organic Monkey


Product Details

This is honey produced by the bees collecting nectar from nutmeg flower plants, also known as Roman coriander and black caraway in Rajasthan. Its almond brown in color and its flavor ranges from a pleasantly sweet, to slightly bitter, to a smoky, nutty relish. With over 462 studies done on this plant, it’s one of the most medicinal plants on the planet, and honey from it is highly nutritious and medicinal. For this reason, another common name for it in the Arab world is habbatul-barakah (the blessed seed). It's used in remedies to heal a range of ailments from fevers and common colds to indigestion, high blood pressure, asthma and respiratory illnesses. The principal bioactive compound in it, thymoquinone, gives it high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, antimicrobial effects and immune-enhancing properties. This also makes it effective against cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, infertility, neurological and mental illness. Nutmeg flower honey helps in reducing cholesterol levels, is anti-cancerous, antibacterial, helps protect the liver against injury and damage, aids in blood sugar regulation, and helps prevent stomach ulcers.

Regarding Honey We Sell:
Organic Monkey procures pure raw honey directly from tribals, passionate beekeepers & residentials all over India. It is honey made by different species of bees from the nectar of flowers, honeydew on trees & leaf petioles. It is unadulterated, unprocessed, unblended, not microfiltered or infused with anything. Every variant of raw honey is filtered by a strainer as shown in the image, without any exposure to heat. We fill them in jars & pack only as per orders placed by our customers.
Regarding Honey Color, Taste & Other Properties:
The variant of honey will precisely be of the same origin as mentioned in the product description, however, it may vary from product image as pure raw honey never stays the same. It's alive with yeast, their enzymes & different forms of sugar in it. As it ages, its color, consistency and/or taste profile may change mildly or extremely, depending on many factors like pollen count of different flowers, ratio of nectar of different flowers that blossom, and more. Also, crystallization may occur when the natural glucose settles on beneficial microparticles in honey.
Product Sizes:
We dispatch raw honey in airtight glass jars of 250gm & 500gm. Price is mentioned for 250gm only. 500gms would cost twice the amount 250gm of the same variant of honey costs. If you prefer a 500gm jar, please precisely mention it as a note while placing an order & we shall make sure it is.

You may store it in a cool & dark place.
Make sure to use a dry spoon to take honey from the jar.

Net Weight : 250g
FSSAI Certified - 22421480000043.
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FSSAI Certified

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