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Nutty Gritties Jumbo Roasted Cashewnuts, Lightly Salted Cashews (200g)

by Nutty Gritties & Eighty7

₹349₹420(17% off)

Product Details

Our Roasted Cashews undergo a special dry roasting process in the Nutty Kitchen. They bear the heat for just the right amount of time with a light sprinkle of salt, that doesn’t take away their natural flavour. Packed in their naturally raw and carefully selected whole avatars, our Jumbo Cashew Nuts have a soft yet crunchy texture with undernotes of salty goodness. Our Jumbo Roasted Cashews are big on health and nutrition. Each handful serving portion packs 4g of protein, 13g of good fat, and a good amount of vitamins and minerals.

Net Weight : 200g
FSSAI Certified
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