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Shea Butter and Kaolin Clay Beauty Bar

by Navaras Natural Soaps


Product Details

š˜½š™šš™Øš™© š™Øš™Ŗš™žš™©š™šš™™ : š™Øš™šš™£š™Øš™žš™©š™žš™«š™š š™–š™£š™™ š™™š™§š™® š™Øš™ š™žš™£ š™©š™®š™„š™šš™Ø Shea butter's unique nutrients concentration works wonder on skin. Combined with coconut oil, kaolin clay and lavender essential oil provides amazing wellness for the skin. š˜½š™€š™‰š™€š™š™„š™š™Ž - Restores skin elasticity and slows down aging of cells. - Softens and smoothes dry skin. - Get rid of skin dullness and gives an amazing glow to your skin. š™„š™‰š™‚š™š™€š˜æš™„š™€š™‰š™š™Ž...

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