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Moringa Handmade Body Soap (100g)

by Namrata HempCo Limited


Product Details

When it comes to body care, nothing can match the soothing and healing properties of nature. Without relying on any synthetic materials, Satliva sources all of the components directly from the lap of nature to curate the Hemp with Moringa & Essential Oils Handmade Body Soap Bar. Rich in the goodness of Hempseed Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil & Tea Tree Essential Oil, this product is known for its antibacterial benefits, as well as its ability to restore hydration to your skin. 

The Hemp Seed Oil present in this bar controls excess oil production, diminishing the recurrence of acne and all other types of inflammation, redness, itching, etc. It rejuvenates your skin by moisturizing it from deep within. This bath essential also contains Moringa Oil, which boosts collagen in your skin, protecting the elasticity of youth. Your skin becomes more sculpted, with dark spots and wrinkles barely visible. Breathe a fresh lease of life into your skin with this body soap, and experience a difference in the way your skin looks and feels. 

So leave behind your old shower routine, and replace your chemical-loaded products with this handcrafted natural beauty!

Net Weight : 100g
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