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Glow Toner (100ml)

by Mystery Glow


Product Details

The Natural Toners from Mystery Glow are a wonderful way to add the benefits of plants to your skincare routine. These floral waters are obtained by steam distillation of herbs and flowering tops. They contain a small number of essential oils, so you get the goodness of the oil with no worries. 
- Glow Toner contains 50% sandalwood water and 50% vetiver and turmeric water. 
- Great for dry, dehydrated, sensitive, and mature skin
- Cleans skin pores
- Reduces inflammation 
- Anti-ageing 
- Works well as an after-shave spray
- Helps get rid of acne scars, balances skin PH and promotes healthy clear skin
- Brain booster
- Beauty sleep benefits

Net Volume : 100ml
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