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Massage Candles

by My & Ma


Product Details

Gift your loved ones a spa experience at home. These massage candles are formulated using skin friendly oils and butters so as to enhance your massage experience. 

Set Content : Pack of 2 
Fragrances : Sandalwood and Jasmine
Net Weight : 120ml each

Directions for use:
- Light the massage candle and let it glow for 15 mins or till a small puddle of oil is formed
- blow off the candle and check the temperature of the oil
- use the melted oil+butter mixture to massage your's or your partners's feet / back / hands
- cover with lid when not in use

Safety Instructions:
- Never leave the lighted candle unattended. 
- Keep away from kids and pets
- Do not light the candle for more than one hour
- Replace cap after use to protect from dust 
- Use within one month of opening the pack
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