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Mincredible's Dog Food Seasoning (Pizza) - 50g

by Mincredible


Product Details

Turns any food into a Treat!

Mincredible’s Dog Food Seasoning is a multi-ingredient food topper mix. It’s aromatic, flavourful & packed with healthy ingredients to brighten your dog’s meal time Food Love Story. Quite drool-worthy! 
Packed with Superfoods.

Our handpicked, 100% natural and healthy ingredients have been handpicked for a reason, contributing to the flavour and enriching eating behaviour. You don’t need to guess what’s in our food. You can literally see it, smell it, and even taste it. No Added Salt. No Garlic. No Preservatives. No Chemicals. In short, No Bad Stuff. 

Dogs Love It! The excitement our flavourer brings to the dog’s mealtime experience is adorable and evident in their tail wags long after the bowl is wiped clean. Be your dog's personal, gourmet chef and show them your good tastes. Some say it tastes so good, that their dogs ask for it by name. 

Net Weight : 60g
Set Content : 1
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