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Lick Pastel Yellow French Manicure Reusable Press on Nails (30pcs)


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Product Details

A classic white and pastel yellow press on a nail set can be worn with any clothing or event, which is why it's so popular. Even those of us who prefer a classic style want to mix things up now and then.  We have added 6 grey printed nails to spice up the whole look. Press on nail design with grey for one of the few colours that can be used for both business and play. Grey nails have a casual grace to them that adds colour without being overpowering. Grey tones with metallic shine enhance the sophistication and give a very polished look to your hands 

- How to apply press on nails : cleanse and push back cuticles, Using alcohol or a nail dehydrator, clean the nail surface (optional), File and shape your natural nails, Select the size, Apply at an angle, Press and hold for 30-60 seconds, Don’t wash your hands for up to 2 hours or apply any moisture.

- How to Remove: Using Solvents and a Cuticle Pusher, Apply some cuticle oil, Use a cuticle pusher to loosen the nail, Peel off the leftover adhesive, Wash your hands and apply hand cream.

Set Content : 30pcs
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