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Gift / Combo Pack

by Keetrilai


Product Details

Combo pack has 

1. 250ml Wood Pressed Coconut Oil
2. 100gms Coconut Sugar
3. 50gms Coconut Chips

A perfect trial pack to start a healthy lifestyle.

Ideal for Gifting to loved ones..

Our Wood Pressed Coconut oil is produced in the Traditional  Extraction method of slow running (15 rotations per minute) wood pestle.

What makes our Wood Pressed Coconut Oil to stand out from the other brands?

*  PREMIUM QUALITY COCONUTS -  from world-renowned Pollachi belt.
*  100% NATURAL FARMING - Coconuts sourced from our own farm, practicing NATURAL FARMING for generations.
*  MATURED COCONUTS - We use only matured coconuts so that it retains all the vital nutrients.
*  NATURALLY HARVESTED - We follow the Natural harvest method, wherein we wait until the Coconuts are fully matured and fall off from the tree naturally.
*  SULPHUR FREE - we do not use Sulphur/any other chemicals during the process.
*  SUN-DRIED - Coconuts are sun-dried until the copra reaches the right consistency.
*  WOOD PRESSED - Oil is extracted in the Cold Press methodology wherein no external heat is introduced during the process.
*  SMALLER BATCHES - We produce coconut oil in smaller batches, so the oil is always PURE, FRESH & AROMATIC when you buy from us.
*  10+ MONTHS OF SHELF LIFE - Our traditional method of oil extraction helps to achieve longer shelf life.



* 1:1 replacement for white sugar
* Diabetic Friendly
* 100% Natural
* Chemical-free
* Unrefined
* No artificial ingredients 
* No synthetic substances
* No added preservatives
* Vegan

Coconut chips - crunchy, delicious nutritionally rich chips.
Gluten Free / Vegan / Non GMO.
Our coconut chips are baked to create a crunchy, delicious and healthy snack packed with nothing but all-natural ingredients and real flavor.

What makes Coconut chips a healthy alternate snack food?
• Coconut has been part of our diet for thousands of years.
• Coconut kernel is a potent source of carbohydrate and rich source of plant protein with an appreciable amount of fiber
• Contains no gluten.
• Loaded with health-promoting fiber
• Nutrient-rich and Good taste
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