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HIMAZ White Phenyl (Jasmine) Concentrate (100ml)

by HIMAZ Group


Product Details

Make 3-4 litres best quality of perfumed white phenyl from 100ml HIMAZ White Phenyl Concentrate. It is an advanced, environment-friendly formulated surface cleaner and disinfectant for floors, bathroom surfaces, tiles, marble and granites.

- Neutralizes odours & leaves Natural Fragrance
- Removes tough oil, grease dirt & stains
- Kills 99.9% of germs
- Make the surface clean & shine
- Just add water to make a milky white thick emulsion in a ratio of 1:30. Fresh solution should be prepared when the use solution becomes visibly dirty
- Cleans, Disinfects, Freshens & deodorizes and is safe to use on all types of surfaces.
- Unique blended formulation without premix of water & artificial thickener therefore no sticky floor marks after cleaning.

- Pine Oil Based White Phenyl
- Chemical Free
- Natural Floor Cleaner

Net Volume : 100ml
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