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HIMAZ Henna Powder (100g)

by HIMAZ Group


Product Details

If you have completely grey hair, you will see your hair turn into Auburn to coppery colour. The shade of the Henna colour will always differ depending on the original hair colour.

Direction of Use: Take the required amount of 100% Organic Henna Powder in a non-metallic bowl. put other herbs like amla, Henna, or any other herbs of your choice. put tea water into it to form a thick paste. From a smooth paste of it make sure there are no lumps and it's smooth to apply. your hair pack will be ready to apply after 15-20 minutes. you can apply it evenly on your hair and wait 60-90 minutes to dry. wash it with normal water once it dries. (do not use any shampoo at this wash). 

Caution: Even though all our herbs are 100% Natural and chemical-free products. we recommend you do a patch test to see if you are allergic to it. always wear gloves while applying so that you do not colour-cut your skin. It's not a chemical dye that gives your instant results. if your hair is chemically treated, the results will take time to come. the colour of the hair gets darker over time and you will see the expected results at 1st time.

Net Weight : 100g
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