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Himachilli Honey & Red Chilli Chukh

by Himalayan People


Product Details

Made from sundried Red Chitrali Chillies, Himalayan Citrus and Honey.

This hot sweet chilli paste has a smokey taste and is an ideal addition to snacks or as an additive to foods. Use for cooking, as a garnish or as a dip. HOT & SWEET 'n CITRUSY !! -

Baste Chicken, Fish of Meats in Himachilli Chukh and oven grill.

- Use as a dip for tempuras, samosas, crackers or tortillas.

- Use sparingly as a spread in sandwiches to make hot and spicy.

- Mix with Pasta sauce to add ZING!!

- Add in Stir Fry or Noodles - Use in cooking as a flavoured chilli paste.

Contains: Capsicum frutescens- Sun Dried Red Chitrali Chilli, Citrus pseudolimon- Citrus Fruit Juice, Brassica juncea- Mustard oil, Honey, Sodium chloride-Salt, Cuminum cyminum-Cumin, Carum copticum- Omam and other trace spices.

Please check for your allergies or food restrictions. Warning: Hot.

FSSAI Certified
Net weight : 200 g
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