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Graminway Muradabadi Amla Murabba (500g)

by Graminway


Product Details

Murabba is actually a sweet and spice preserve that originated in the kitchens of the Middle East and Central Asia and its ingredients ranged from black currant to pomegranate. Murabba was comfort food during harsh winter months in many places and it reached India through the Mughals. Known for its refined ‘tehzeeb’ or culture, Moradabad is one of the places today known for its Amla Murabba. That’s why we pick our amla or gooseberries strictly from Pratapgarh, UP, which is the world’s largest and most preferred producer of amla directly from the farmers. 

Used in Ayurvedic potions and passed along in families as part of home cure remedies, amla does wonders to your immunity and has anti-inflammatory properties. Our Muradabadi Amla Murabba packs in all of that natural goodness along with an unforgettable melange of flavours. Fair warning – you won’t stop at one with this!

Net Weight : 500g
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