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Argan Oil Travel Kit (90ml)

by Frescia

₹312₹447(30% off)

Product Details

A perfect travel companion for every Argan oil lover!
These travel essentials ensure moisturized skin and shiny, bouncy hair throughout the journey with Frescia’s Argan Oil travel kit. Don’t want flaky skin and flattened hair while you travel? Pick Frescia’s Argan oil travel kit comprising Argan oil cream (30ml), Argan oil body lotion (30ml), and Argan oil shampoo (30ml). Lock the moisture into your skin pores for longer hours to enjoy smooth and soft skin with argan oil body lotion.

Feeling dryness on the skin after face wash? Rehydrate your skin with argan oil cream that deeply nourishes your skin. It also helps you to delay signs of ageing and keep your skin firm and soft. Make your skin more touchable with argan oil cream!

Tired of oily hair while travelling? Try Frescia’s argan oil shampoo. This 100% natural shampoo not only deeply cleanses and moisturizes every hair strand but also strengthens them. With argan oil shampoo, you can get rid of hair breakage problems and enjoy soft and bouncy hair perfect for every click on the go!

Net Volume : 90ml
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