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Kashmiri Yakhni Gosht Gravy and Flavouring Mix (80g)

by Forgotten Flavours


Product Details

"Yakhni mutton is a essential part of the Kashmiri Wazwan ( A festive ensemble of dishes). Yakhni mutton is a unique dish which has fennel ( Saunf) as one of the flavouring ingredients. Prepared primarily with curd, this dish is a treat for food explorers. For Vegetarian option, this dish can also be prepared with Brinjal or Paneer.
What you have in the pack : 
1) Flavouring mix - Add this sachet along with the boiling mutton
2) Gravy mix - Mix with water to prepare the gravy
3) Easy to follow Instruction card
What you will need to prepare dish : 
1) Forgotten Flavours Yakhani Mutton Mix 
2) Mutton - 500g 
3) Whisked Curd - 500g 
4) 1 Egg"

Net Weight : 80g
FSSAI Certified
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