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Black Warli Print Copper Bottle (950ml)


₹950₹1000(5% off)

Product Details

Make your daily chore a healthy one with this premium quality copper bottle with a stylish and beautiful Warli print. Made with 99.9% Pure Copper, this 1000 ml bottle has a leakproof lid that makes it easy to carry with you anywhere, from your office to a road trip!

With this environment-friendly copper bottle, avoid single-use plastics completely and enjoy its numerous health benefits. The bottle comes in 100% plastic-free packaging and is the perfect gift for your next corporate event or as a present at your next get-together!

Copper has a positive impact on the gut and has shown properties that help detoxify and clean your stomach. It has proven itself against stomach ulcers, indigestion, and stomach infections.

Get yourself a stylish copper bottle now to get on a healthier path today!

Capacity : 950ml
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