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ecofynd Wood Block Animal and Leaf Stamps (Set of 10)

by Ecofynd

₹399₹799(50% off)

Product Details

"Ecofynd Wooden Block Stamp Handcrafted from high-quality wood. Since the wood blocks are carved by hand, there is often less detail and more texture to the prints. It is one of the oldest and most effective types of printmaking. Designed for printing on any surface, this decorative printing block can be used as fabric printing blocks, papercraft prints, body tattoos, mehndi pattern blocks, scrapbooking tools, canvas printing blocks, wallpaper & wedding invitation card designing, wall painting and for any decoration purpose. Prepare the fabric or other surface where you want to print. Spread colour on wooden blocks using a sponge piece then carefully place the wooden block on an object and apply pressure all over. Once the colour/ink will dry the object will be ready for use. block printing blocks set, block printing blocks, blocks for printing on fabric, wood stamp block, paper stamp, block stamps set, printing blocks, sequins for craft, blocks for sarees, blocks for craft, rhinestones for craft, blocks for block printing on fabric, block printing stamps, square block stamps, hand wood stamp, craft materials for adults, wood stamps.

Size : 3 x 4 x 2 (in cms)
Set Content : 10"
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