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Devi Masaala Cumin Pouch (100g)

by Devi Massala

₹140₹160(13% off)

Product Details

Cumin is a member of the parsley family having an earthy flavor and aroma to parsley’s mild, green character. Cumin has been used to spice food since ancient Egypt and considered as a medicinal plant ever since. It has a rich and hearty, earthy and worm, with an edge of citrus, adding to, instant depth of any dish. Use ground cumin rather than whole cumin seed in recipes where you want the flavor to disperse evenly throughout.

Chefs rely on cumin to accentuate the sweetness of root vegetables, like carrots and beets, as well as adding complexity to vegetarian dishes, from vegetables to bean stews to build tofu. It’s a must have for enhancing the savory flavor of rich meats like beef and lamb. 

Add this spice for a warm flavor and earthy color to everyday soups, stews, meats and vegetables. It doesn’t matter what type of cuisine you are cooking, cumin is a great way to spark up the flavour.

Net Weight : 100g
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