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Anti Tan Pack

by Daisy Handcrafted


Product Details

Daisy anti tan face & body pack helps you get rid of skin tan, that too 100% naturally. It is formulated with ingredients such as licorice powder, orange peel powder, charcoal, kapur kachri and avocado oil which not only brightens the skin but also help in minimizing damage. They directly target the tan and fades it.
The benefits of this anti tan pack is - 
• Reduces skin tan 
• Gives you a soft and radiant skin
• Controls acne 
• Removes skin pollutants 

How to apply: 
• Wash tanned body part
• Add curd into small quantity of pack
• Apply on the affected area
• Leave it for 8 to 10 minutes 
• Wash it 
• Follow with your favorite moisturizer 

Quantity - 100g.

This is handmade products, patch test is advisable before adding any new product to your routine. Apply the product under your jaw line if there is no reaction after using it for 24 hours continue for 7 days, it is good for sensitive skin to check patch test. If irritation occurs discontinue use.
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