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Extra Virgin Avocado Butter (225g)

by Black and Green

₹360₹499(28% off)

Product Details

ndia's first and only Edible Vegan Avocado Oil Butter: The Better Butter
Made with the best ingredients and small-batch Avocados and Avocado Oil from the grasslands of India

Extra Virgin Avocado Oil Butter helps with cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease. A healthier choice for your everyday Butter. The BETTER Butter

Our Vegan Avocado Butter is made by small cooperatives based out of India wherein we promote sustainable and healthy farming. 

The butter is always fresh and made from small-batch Extra Virgin Avocado Oil and other Heart-Healthy Ingredients

Completely preservative-free, if kept outside, the ingredients will separate into individual ingredients. Stir back, Refrigerate and Enjoy!

Net Quantity- 
FASSI certified
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