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Neem Wood Combs Combo (Set of 2)

by Better Tomorrow Co

₹299₹499(40% off)

Product Details

Oil & Herb Treated : Neem Comb is Pre-soaked & treated with neem oil, coconut oil, castor oil, sesame oil, neem leaves, bhringraj, amla, curry leaves and other herbs & oils. 17 Herbs used to soak & treat the comb. 

- Made of Young Neem Wood : Made of young (Kaccha) neem wood for maximised nutrient transfer to the scalp during deep combing. 
- Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control with Scalp Stimulation : Activates hair follicles with increased blood circulation. Drives hair growth & thickness. Halts hair loss & thinning. 
- Prevents Static Caused by Plastic Combs and Brushes : Prevents brittleness, cuticle damage & hair breakage typically caused by static created by plastic combs. 
- Dandruff & Itchiness Control : Neem, tulsi & bhringraj together help control infections on the scalp and keep away dandruff & itchiness. 
- Hair Straightening, Smoothening & Frizz Control : Due to static removal, neem combs aid in the control of frizz & flyaways. Hair gets straightened & smoothened. 
- Induces Good Sleep, Releases Anxiety & Stress : With deep combing before sleep, the neem comb releases stress, anxiety & fatigue, inducing a good night’s sleep. 
- Pure & Fresh Made : Oil treated & prepared Fresh in our Ayurvedic Kitchen with 100% PURE COLD PRESSED oils & herbs. ZERO Paraffin & Mineral Oils. ZERO chemicals & preservatives.


Size : 19.8cms, 19.5cms (With Handle)
Set Content : 2
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