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Fluff Washable Panty Liner

by Avni


Product Details

 • Avni Fluff is India's First 100% dry feel antimicrobial reusable cloth panty liner that lasts for 3+ years
 • Made with a blend of unique engineered fabrics for maximum comfort, absorbency and convenience
 • Top layer - Rapid absorb engineered for a dry feel, No wetness
 • Middle layer - Ultra absorbent performance fabrics for 8+ hour protection
 • Bottom layer - PU laminated leak proof layer
 • Easy to wash - needs less water - dries fast - retains no stains
 • Warning: Do not use if you have a known allergy to synthetic fabrics
 • Longest panty liner and available in 2 attractive colors
 (200MM, Pack of 4) | Antimicrobial | With Storage pouch | Everyday use
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