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Women Wellness Drink (Pack of 24 Bottles)

by Auric


Product Details

Auric PCOS, a PCOD Plant-Based drink contains Potent Herbs like SHATAVARI which support Hormonal Balance. Pain Relief Regular Period Cycle, No Mood Swings, improve Fertility; Multivitamin Benefits with MORINGA; Clear Skin with MANJISTHA.

HEALTH DRINK FOR WOMEN: Contains Moringa that takes care of MULTIVITAMIN needs. Digestive Enzymes for Better Digestion and Reduced Bloating.

TASTE: Ready to Drink Juice for Happy Periods with Premium Herbs, Tender Coconut Water & Peach. Healthy, Tasty & Refreshing.

WHEN TO DRINK: any time of the day.
HOW TO DRINK: Shake & Drink.
HOW MUCH TO DRINK: Ayurveda works best when consumed daily.

AUTHENTIC MANUFACTURING PROCESS: To ensure that you get the maximum nutrition, we obtain our herbs in the most nutritious form and from the purest sources. Fresh premium ayurvedic herbs are brewed to convert into a concoction (Kadha) || Coconut Water is added for hydration || FSSAI Certified, 100% Natural, Vegan and Keto-friendly for optimal health benefits.

Set Content : 24 
Net Volume : 250ml
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