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Tea for Men's Energy (50 sachets)

by Auric


Product Details

HELP MEN LIVE BETTER - Auric understands Men and Ayurveda and hence, we created this product to improve the lifestyle of men in a completely natural way without any side effects. The Tea will improve energy, mood and desire by working at the muscular level & on deep tissues. It also helps in post-workout recovery & improves sports performance.

PURE HIMALAYAN SHILAJIT - The Shilajeet used in making Auric Men's Energy Tea is of the highest quality giving your body the perfect natural formula for strength, power and stamina. Increase energy for daily wellness. Potent Shilajit is extracted from fertile locations in the Himalayas & made using the traditional slow cooking method.

ORIGINAL AYURVEDA FORMULA - The unique formula of 14 herbs including Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Gokshuru & 10 more herbs help restore energy, boost strength. Pure formula from the past for Men.

 PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS - Boil one cup (200ml) of water. Empty one sachet of Auric Men's Energy Tea in boiling water. Properly mix the contents with a spoon. Sip & Enjoy. Consume 2 sachets every day.

TESTED FOR HEAVY METALS - Auric believes in quality and our ingredients are certified for purity and safety. No chemicals. No additives. No side effects. Every order comes with a certificate of purity. Made in a factory approved by the Ministry of AYUSH

Set Content : 50 Sachets ( Pack of 1)
FSSAI Certified
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