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Texture Sensory Mat-Mini Mat-8 Squares to Explore

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Product Description:

Texture Mat with various sensory experiences: The mat comes with a pocket where detachable squares can be stored after playing. 

This is a Mini mat with 8 textures.

The 16 sensory touch squares list is below (please email us the eight squares that you want with your order number - after placing the order -

- You can purchase a minimum of any eight squares from this list. (email us the list )

1. Corduroy 

2. Blackboard cloth  

3. Layered cloth 

4. Fur cloth

5. Velvet cloth (zebra pattern )

6. Grasscloth 

7. Sandpaper

8. Paper thread (Push-pull)

9. Ribbons – zig-zag (Push-pull)

10. Teether ring layered under net 

11. Layered pom pom ribbon

12. Lilac cloth 

13. Spandex cloth 

14. Wrap Lime 

15. Jute Cloth 

16. Mirror Cloth

Features of Mat:

- The entire mat is made of soft Velcro cloth which has detachable squares on which kids can in turn walk, touch with their hands, roll their body, and sit. This texture floor mat can be hung on a wall with the belt provided, kids can rub their bodies on the mat for comfort. This mat helps with sensory impulses for kids with their whole body. The detachable squares can be carried in pockets (for comfort - if needed)

Memory Fun :

- Purchasing multiples of the same squares allows kids to explore matching fun with finding the same texture – blindfolded.

Age Recommendations:

- Great for babies, kids, and adults. Helps them to explore their sensory skills and detachable squares provide comfort when needed.

- Provides sensory experience for the whole body and adult supervision is needed based on the skill level of the child exploring.

Cleaning method:

- The entire toy can be gently wiped with a wet cloth. 

- No rough Wash or Machine wash. NO heat should be applied to this toy. The entire toy is hand cut, machine stitched. 

Size: 45 x 45 (in cm)

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