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Gudmom Organic Amranth 500 g ( Pack Of 3 )

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Product Description:

1) Amaranth seeds are an Ancient super-grain, grown as early as 8000 years ago. Known for its health benefits like high protein and the highest quantity of amino acids, it is one of the most commonly used grains in rural India. Amaranth Seeds are the light millet, used in fasting in rural India. This is a superfood and Amaranth Flour made from seeds is naturally gluten-free

2) Rich in Fiber and Protein, anti-inflammatory, Packed with natural proteins, Cleaned and Hygienically Packed. Enhance Bone Health, lower cholesterol, Gluten-Free, Low carb helps in Weight Loss, High Protein diet

3) Cooked amaranth can be used in soups, stews, chili, or in place of rice in most recipes. Add it to your salads, oatmeal, and laddoos, or bake some Amaranth Granola Bars using it! Our popped-up Amaranth can also be topped with nuts, fruits, or sweeteners of your choice to create a perfect snack bowl.

Tip: Our Maple Syrup pairs very well with the puffed amaranth grains to create energy balls or granola bars.

4) Free from preservatives, additives, and pesticides We at Gudmom directly source it from a natural farmer, one that prides itself on growing organic made using traditional methods cultivated by tribals. In a market where there are plenty of cheap alternatives and knock-off varieties are available, Gudmom is the most authentic you can get. In addition, the fair prices we pay to our suppliers.

5) Made in India, We at Gudmom pursue excellence at every step. After all, we are committed to our tradition of bringing the most authentic meal to your table. With our passion for flavor, we are committed to providing our consumers and customers with the highest quality products. The strict quality control measures we adopt and the high-quality packaging that we use necessitate a certain premium. Quality after all can never cut corners!

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