7 Essentials from Kreate for every Ugadi Celebration

7 Essentials from Kreate for every Ugadi Celebration

When it's the season of celebration and life, the whole world comes together to be one with each other. Ugadi, the lunisolar new year for millions of people, is a socio-cultural festival celebrated beyond the barriers of religion, caste, creed or geographical boundaries. With regional recipes, customs and celebrations being varied and different, the one thing that connects them all is the essence of it. Here, on Kreate, Ugadi is an emotion that connects us to our patrons and our buyers. To make it a celebration, we have come up with some unique and Ugadi-themed products to make your festivities unique and beautiful.


1. Jaggery Crystals

Small, round, joyful balls of jaggery, laid out to be added to your favourite meal of the year, is your go-to Ugadi celebration. Bite-sized so that it can be popped in on the go, these make for a delicious substitute to sugar that could be a bit too much on a new year. Turn over a new leaf with some delectable jaggery for a wonderful treat. Sugarcane, grown across the land, gives us the delicious happiness of a Gud start to the day and the year!


2. Himalayan Pink Salt

What’s pink and turns a frown upside down? It’s definitely some delicious savoury Himalayan pink salt on your dishes. Sourced from mines that have existed since the dawn of time, these minerally rich salt crystals are a tremendous upgrade compared to regular old salt. Symbolizing the eternal fear of life and new challenges, sprinkle it on some of your snacks, and a few of your favourite fries and engage in your favourite Ugadi celebrations with some zing to your foods. 


3. Coconut Sugar

The coastal landscape of India is prickled with specks of long single-stem trees with delicious and healthy fruits that nourish the world every day! The Kalpavriksha has been a core essential of Indian culture and is known for its sweetness and its use in festivities all through the year. Ugadi holds a special relationship with coconuts, its use in recipes is a storied tale. Sweetmeats are a necessity and this coconut sugar is the secret weapon up your sleeve. Go nuts for coconuts!


4. Mango Pickle

A cultural core of every Indian household, no meal is complete without the tangy zing of some mango achaar! With a minute amount of mustard oil to give these hand-picked mangoes a touch of taste, this delicious countryside mango pickle is the perfect treat to your Ugadi meal. These traditional rural picked mangoes are the peaking flavour your perfect Ugadi meal needs over the celebrations. So pickle up and make your meal tasty!


5. Neem Honey

Ancient in its origin and nutritious in its content, honey is the nectar of gods that our forefathers have tasted and cherished for millennia! Did you know, honey is the only food that doesn’t get spoiled? Well, this Neem Honey has the original nourishment of honey and the Ugadi richness of neem. The holy plant that has been used for a range of ailments by our ancestors, is now imbued into the delicious honey. “Honey! It’s time to make it happen!”


6. Pepper Sauce

Whipping up tasty traditional dishes is one part of Ugadi, but the fun is in testing out newer, tasty experimental cuisines with a bit of a hit in them. Test your dishes with this amazing pepper sauce for a fun and special treat on this festive occasion. Drizzle it on your favourite Ugadi recipes to make it your own and stack up your dishes on par with any on the floor. The spice, symbolizing anger, can be eaten away on this new year.


7. Incense Sticks

Serene and supreme, the holy world of Ugadi cannot culminate without the reverence that needs to be delivered to the ones due. The day signifies the end of another year and the beginning of a new one, marked with the opportunities and hardships yet to come. Pray to the powers beyond and set a holy mood at home with some fragrant incense sticks to bring your home into an ethereal space. Packed with an unreal experience, the way to begin and end your Ugadi is to relax and enjoy the year ahead.



Making Ugadi your very own is a task that takes a bit of effort and a bit of style. A festival that makes you a better person and a better individual is something every Indian can connect with. Festivities and celebrations aplomb all day long, find your own little pocket of space to make it a bit more wonderful. These amazing delectable goodies are a Ugadi celebration to make your very own. A few friends, a bit of music and a new year beckon you on this day, to make Ugadi fun, amazing and special.

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